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RPO Calculator



Tamilnadu Solar Purchase Obligation:

  • Solar Purchase Obligation (SPO): (a) 3 % upto December 2013, (b) 6 % SPO from January 2014
  • Applicability: HT Consumers (HT Tariff V) – (a) SEZ; (b) Industries guaranteed with 24/7 power; (c) IT Parks, Telecom towers; (d) All colleges and residential schools; (e) Buildings with a built-up area of 20,000 sq m or more
  • SPO will be administered by TANGEDCO
  • Fulfillment by – (a) Generating captive solar power in Tamilnadu equivalent to or more than their SPO; (b) Buying equivalent to or more than their SPO from other third party developers of solar power projects in Tamilnadu; (c) Buying REC generated by solar power projects in TN which is equal or greater than their SPO; (d) Purchasing power from TANGEDCO at solar tariff; (e) consumers desirous of availing SPO exemption by captive generation shall necessarily install separate meter to measure captive generation

1000 MW generation will be covered under the above by 2015.