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Who we are

SHAN Solar is a innovative renewable energy company with a commitment to commercialising green technology and providing a power sustainable future. We are keen to harness the sun’s energy and put it to its best possible use: fuelling mankind’s energy needs. As a socially committed company, we are of the view that solar energy has the potential to provide power to millions who currently have little to no access to any form of energy. We have embarked on a journey to offer innovative solar solutions that will address the world’s energy crisis holistically and at the same time help nations transition into low carbon economies.

Key Company Facts

  • Headquartered in Bengaluru, India
  • State-of-the-art automated manufacturing plant at Sri City SEZ, Chitoor District, Andhra Pradesh (near Chennai)
  • SHAN Solar is certified to ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001 standards and its crystalline modules are tested and comply with IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC61701; SEVERITY 1 and safety standards by VDE, Germany
  • Strategic alliances with independent solar consultants from Germany and Spain having exposure to cutting edge solar technology solutions for diverse applications